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We help the world grow the food it needs... mining and manufacturing potash...

...and phosphate.

These nutrients feed crops like


Fertilizers account for half of the world’s crop yields





Which feed people around the world in countries like...

the United States

Healthy soil = healthy crops and nutrient-rich food for people





As the population climbs...

Food production must double in order to meet growing demand for food

...from 7 billion people today... 9 billion
by 2050...

...we produce
the nutrients...

...the plants need... feed and fuel the world.

Mineral fertilizers help improve the quantity and quality of food, fuel and fiber crops

Our dedicated people support customers around the world

Our people

help increase yields

We develop innovative premium products like MicroEssentials®, which increases corn yields by 7.2 bushels/acre over traditional fertilizer

teach and empower

Our agronomy and technical sales teams help teach customers to maximize yields through balanced crop nutrition and 4R Nutrient Stewardship

recycle and conserve

We reuse and recycle water to decrease our companywide consumption and increase efficient use

nurture and provide

We’ve been named to the "100 Best Corporate Citizens" list by Corporate Responsibility Magazine for 8 consecutive years


In our reclamation process, we protect the environment’s most sensitive habitats and species through wildlife relocation and science-backed habitat creation techniques

and sustain

Since 2004, Mosaic has acquired release on more than 64,000 acres from the Department of Environmental Protection

Our people help change the story...

...from food insecurity... food security.

With this...

...we can
achieve this.

And that
inspires us.

Every day.

this is
our mission.

We help the world grow the food it needs.

We help the world grow the food it needs.